robocoby of Windows 2000 breaks

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Re: robocoby of Windows 2000 breaks

Postby andy » 24 Nov 2010, 02:20

When cloning disks, one thing to be aware of is the disk signature,
which is a field in the first sector of the disk, the MBR. When more
than one physical disk is connected to the motherboard, each disk must
have a unique disk signature. This is enforced by Windows; if it
detects two disk with the same disk signature during booting, it
changes one of them. The installed Windows 2000 or XP uses the disk
signature in its registry under MountedDevices to identify which disk
to use. You have to make sure that the two disk signatures are the
same in the clone. When cloning is done haphazardly, you typically end
up with the disk signature in the registry referencing a different and
wrong disk.

On Mon, 22 Nov 2010 15:17:28 +0100 (CET), Anne Onime
<> wrote:

>I have two identical disks, images of each other.
>I can plug either in and boot Win 2000 or XP. It is dual
>boot. There are two partitions on each. Now I booted XP
>and used robocopy to copy these directories:
>Documents and Settings
>Program Files\Common Files
>from one Win 2000 partition to the other.
>I know if I booted Win 2000 and try to copy the Win 2000
>files, it would not work, so I used XP.
>Now if I try to boot the target disk, I get an error about
>page file too small or missing. But the page file is still
>there, same on both disks. Even weirder, I see it
>trying to run some DLL from F: partition when it is
>booting from D:
>Why? I copied a whole windows system which was self-consistent
>all links pointing to it's partition. I did copied these
>files from F: but Windows would mostly reference $SYSDRIVE
>or %SystemDrive% which is D:
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