communication between 2 dll's

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communication between 2 dll's

Postby tamar badichi » 08 Sep 2011, 21:54

I am a beginner in creating dll files.
and i want to create a dll file that will be executed when the operating system is up.
it must be executed in order to serve other dll (shell extension) files , in order to extract the relevant data from it.
first i realy dont know how to write a dll file that will be initialize itself when the operating system is up.
and second i dont know how the shell extension dll files (in my case context menu shell extension and icon overlay shell extension) will communicate with this dll file.
and another last thing if the this dll initialize itself and create its own data base,is it possible that this data base can be saved in the computer memory and other dll files can access to this data base through this dll?

tamar badichi

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