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Postby ubernoob » 16 May 2012, 19:39

I accidently used the msvbvm50.dll fixer and it installed when i only needed the .dll file, i think it installed something (the mvsbvm50.dll) and now i cant start up my condition zero (game) in d3d (video mode) anymore.
I already uninstalled the program but its still not letting me start cs:cz in d3d mode.

I searched if mvsbvm50.dll was somwhere on my pc but it isnt.
reinstalled cs:cz and its still not working so it must be something with my computer specifications,
I tryed to search for problems but i havent found any.

pls help. What can i do to fix this?/undo what the dll fixer install did.
this is a new computer..
I run windows 7 64bit

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