dll For Returning Mic Input Volume?

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dll For Returning Mic Input Volume?

Post by bainsteven »

Hiya Guys,

I am new here (and even 'newer' to the "dll world"... if that's possible...)

Apologies if these are nonsense, but I have two questions:

1) I have written a VB6 program which monitors audio input on 'line-in' (external mic) and returns the current volume as an integer between 0-127.

Aside from the well-known issues with VB6 only producing DirectX dlls as standard (I have successfully worked my way through a tutorial to 'link' a test dll correctly to become a common Windows dll... I think!) - what issues will I face trying to convert my program (above) into a stand-alone dll?

There are init/kill procedures to set-up/destroy the mic connection (ie: test for available 'line-in' channels, etc.) which use global constants and other dlls... will this cause a problem? Also, the sampling of audio is a 'looped' process which needs to be run several times a second... I imagine I would have to call the appropriate dll function repeatedly and handle the return values in my external program?

I realise that this question may be completely impossible to answer - but any information anyone can give would be of great help on my journey into "dll world". I am happy to give further details and discuss anything which would help me find an answer.

My other question is:

2) If it is not possible to convert my functions into a stand-alone dll (or if using VB6 is a seriously bad idea!) - is there an existing dll 'out there' already which I can use? (ie: written in C/C++ which would be more standard and easier to use/reference from external programs).

I really appreciate all your time in reading this - and any input will be a massive help.



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