All .Dll files became defaultly opening with Notepad

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a cooperator

All .Dll files became defaultly opening with Notepad

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Hi anyone,
I have opened .dll files with Notepad someday, and its form(appearance) has been changed into Notepad. After that, Notepad program became the default program to open the .dll I wanted to return them their normal appearance. I have tried clicking 'right-click' on any dll file and then chose open with, after that, I have tried looking for another program but I didn't found anything other than 'Notepad'. I was expecting that there is some error with Registry files, so I have run some program to fix the registry errors. However, this did make no difference.

How can I return them into their default appearance?

However, for pidgenx.dll, I want to see its content because I have read that Microsoft keep in this file all the information about how the activation of windows works. I have also read that we can browse this kind of files.

Any comments would be quite highly appreciated.
Best wishes,

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