I can not overrite the files

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I can not overrite the files

Postby marbetka » 12 Jul 2017, 04:03

Hi there
I'm getting this error MSCVR100.dll missing , I downloaded a premium version and I still cannot fix the issue, do I have to delete some files prior downloading.
Please help:)
Thank you
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Re: I can not overrite the files

Postby DllAdmin » 12 Jul 2017, 13:35

Hello Marbetka,

How to download, install and use the DLL-Files.com Client.

Download install file via link in purchase e-mail, from http://www.dll-files.com or from (direct download link) https://download.dll-files.com/client/clientsetup_demo.exe

Once downloaded, start the clientsetup_demo.exe to install.

In order to register your copy of the DLL-files.com Client, go to “REGISTER LICENSE KEY”, insert your license key, and click “Register”.


Or; go to “SETTINGS”, insert your license key at “My License”, and click “Register License”.


All letters are upper case, all 0's the number zero. Do not remove any characters as the "-" dashes between segments.

Make sure there are no spaces before or after the key in the input window.

To be sure you enter the correct key, please try copy and pasting it, instead of typing by hand.

To install a file, search for, and select the file you need.

Click "Install" to install recommended version to default folder, or switch to "Advanced view" to select version and install location.

What happens when you try to install the dll file using the DLL-Files.com Client?
Is there an error message?

What is the error message you were hoping to solve by installing this file?

To help you, I would need some more information regarding your error.
What is the exact and complete error message you get?
When do you get this error?
Which program is requesting this file? (look for "program".EXE in error message)

What have you tried so far for solving this error?

Best regards
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Re: I can not overrite the files

Postby DllDan » 26 Jul 2017, 08:22

I had the same problem and don't replace this file, just remove the old not working version of the file and move new version to the folder where this file should be.
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