SolTrace 3.0.0

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SolTrace 3.0.0

Postby seyeodeleye7 » 24 Aug 2018, 05:56

Hello there,
i've got a new software named Soltrace 3.0.0 on my 32-bit Windows 7 system. I have been updating the .dll files as requested during launching but the list of .dll needed files seems endless as every launching requires a new .dll file and it's really taking forever. Pls, can someone help with the needed .dll files to help save time and effort.

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Re: SolTrace 3.0.0

Postby DllAdmin » 24 Aug 2018, 08:29


Quick Steps for Building SolTrace:
For detailed build instructions see the wiki, with specific instructions for:

These are the general quick steps you need to follow to set up your computer for developing SolTrace:

Set up your development tools:

Windows: Visual Studio 2017 Community or other editions available at
Linux: g++ compiler available at or as part of the Linux distribution.
Download the wxWidgets 3.1.0 source code for your operating system from

Build wxWidgets.

In Windows, create the WXMSW3 environment variable on your computer to point to the wxWidgets installation folder, or Linux, create the dynamic link /usr/<USERNAME>/local/bin/wx-config-3 to point to /path/to/wxWidgets/bin/wx-config.

As you did for wxWidgets, for each of the following projects, clone (download) the repository, build the project, and then (Windows only) create an environment variable pointing to the project folder. Build the projects in the following order, and assign the environment variable for each project before you build the next one.

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