downloading a game,so many missing files

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downloading a game,so many missing files

Post by penel143 »

trying to down load a game for my kids and it keeps saying we have missing files, i youtubed, found this page downloaded about 10 already and it jst keeps coming up with a new one every time, im obiously missing an entire folder or something. is there a spot i can down load all at once instead of one by one.!

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Re: downloading a game,so many missing files

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No, unfortunately you can't download all our dll files in one file.
You will have to download them manually from

When downloading a file from our website, try to read the description and see if there's any common information between the different files you need. Sometimes the description tells you about a package of files that you can download in one file and then install them together. We don't host those packages, but tries to link to other websites that hosts them.

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Re: downloading a game,so many missing files

Post by Coughtly »

Yes dll files are help to missing file but some time its downloads do not work on RAM together with the main program

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