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why so many dll files are missing from my computer?

Posted: 26 May 2020, 17:02
by konarktriv7
some basic dlls like, time, timezone, locale, core- string, heap, etc are missing. how can i solve this? should i reinstall all my c++ Redistributable and dot net frameworks? i tried to use unified remote but every time i doubleclick on it, it says some dll file is missing and i get that file from the internet and put it in the unified remote folder and i click on the exe file again and it gives me another dll error and the loop continues. i downloaded like 15 dll files already which should be by default in the system32 folder, but its missing. and i cant use regsvr32 to install it manually it throws me " entry point not found error". so i just resort to the alternative, that is to put it in the appplication folder ( unified remote.exe folder). but after 15 different dll files download ( took me half an hour to do it manually?, im tired. plz give me some solution or do u know what are the dll files unified remote will need so i can download them in bunch and put it in there. or how to solve the regsvr32 error? tnx for reading.