No connectivity

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No connectivity

Postby kfenger » 09 Oct 2015, 14:37

Microsoft security essentials has been unable to clean a virus found in DNSAPI.DLL

I installed the free version of DLL-Fixer and did a scan which found over 500 registry errors. It removed 15 of them for free, but couldn't install the dll file due to "No internet connection"

However I do have a connection, because I am operating the computer from another location through Teamviewer. The computer seems to be under the impression that there is no connection. Browsers don't work, a connection from your software doesn't work, but an incoming Teamviewer connection does work.

I have just purchased the Premium version of DLL-Fixer, but when I try to Register Now i get the following message:
Application is not able to verify your key. Please check your Internet Connection and try again.

Any ideas?
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Re: No connectivity

Postby DllAdmin » 12 Oct 2015, 12:08


There seem to be a virus of some sort currently going around, making changes to your dnsapi.dll, and changing browser settings etc.

You could probably replace the dnsapi.dll manually, with downloads from , but that will not get rid of the infection.

read more information at
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