Regclean pro: licence key issues...

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Regclean pro: licence key issues...

Postby jessejones » 21 Nov 2016, 22:37

I entered the licence key for the regclean pro element of the client service and was told i had entered an incorrect code , just as i had been told i'd made the same "unlikely" error whilst entering the licence key for the element... After eventually finding no sensible way of resolving the issue, i had to except the option of loosing my licence key "REALLY !!!" in order to at least move on .... Now eventually after repeating the exact same procedure re the licence element having used the replacement key that was sent to help me after my carelessly not loosing the origonal, it was the same as the origonal that i hadent lost "HOW COULD IT HAPPEN" so i entered it as before and glory be and save us , this time it was ok.... However the same is not so mildly mind numbingly mediocre when the regclean pro is mentioned,,,, this is like off the scale, infact i cant find any refernce whatsoever even to the subject, let alone receive an expanation or a possible solution... The only option to even return to try and "correctly" re-enter the licence key is to agree to purchace the product again... Errr NO !!! in the hope of a timely rational human being having a clue that might help, i am much obliged in advance and i doff my hat accordingly , jessejones...
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Re: Regclean pro: licence key issues...

Postby DllAdmin » 22 Nov 2016, 11:50

Hello JesseJones,

Support for the Systweak program RegClean Pro is available at

Best regards
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