How to Export/Read error logs on dll Files Fixer

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How to Export/Read error logs on dll Files Fixer

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So I have a lot of errors, over 3000 and I want to use the client to fix them, however I cannot look up the specific files because I cannot determine what the file names are from the error messages on Files Fixer. Is there a way to export the log from DLL files fixer to the client to simply fix all of my errors? Files Fixer prompts me for a license that is impossible to acquire and I just want to fix my files using the client. Please don't tell me I have to manually input 3000 files that I don't even know the names of.

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Re: How to Export/Read error logs on dll Files Fixer

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Hello HerpDerp,

The errors found by the Registry Cleaner in the DLL-Files Fixer are not a list of dll files.

The CLIENT does not include a Registry cleaner, it is a tool for installing dll files.

To repair registry errors, you can purchase a registry cleaner such as the RegClean Pro.
You can get it at

DLL-Files Fixer logs are available at C:\Users\>>YOURUSERNAME<<\AppData\Roaming\\Fixer\Version 1.0\

How to find your DLL-Files Fixer log files;

On Windows XP:
Click Start and then click Run option.

On Windows Vista/Windows 7:
Click on Start > All Programs > Accessories > Run.

On Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10
Press the Windows key (the flag on your keyboard) and the "R" key at the same time, to bring up the "Run" prompt.

Type "%AppData%\\Fixer\Version 1.0" and press Enter.

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