Error 0xc0000142

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Error 0xc0000142

Post by Stopearth »

Dear all

i have recently bought this application and it seems like un-helpful to me because i dont know how to deal with what happens actually there is an error always when performing an action to open a tab or program it shows me a message the application cant run with this message 0xc0000142 - however i moved to search engines to find what the solution mostly is to fix dll files so i bought the application and it gives me a search box to find dll files with all respect to who he has done this app but im in both ways pretty lost to fix my pc and i dont know what is the error i thought by opening the application it will start scanning and fix the errors and but its not kindly help

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Re: Error 0xc0000142

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Dear Stopearth,

The Client is a tool for solving error messages regarding dll files.
It does this by replacing the missing or bad dll files you get errors regarding.

To replace a dll file, search for the file and install.

Are you currently getting any error messages regarding dll files?

From where did you get the impression that the Client would "start scanning and fix the errors"?

Best regards

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