driver not working

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driver not working

Post by vincinity »

Hi so i wanted to play minecraft but it kept saying that my driver doesnt support opengl so i tried searching and eventually found this i tried both 32 and 64 bit .dll files but none work if anyone know this issue kindly help me

i tried replacing the files in
c: \ windows \ SysWOW64
c: \ windows \ System32

but when i tried it shows "do u want to replace this file" implying that they both exist and i have not tring redownloading them as i dont know much about this stuff

if anyone doesnt understand my problem then i can show them
my discord is- vinny#9078
pls help

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Re: driver not working

Post by GregT123 »

I have read somewhere that opengl.dll is only for 32 bit systems (Not sure about it, perhaps someone could comment).
in Windows it is opengl32.dll. I find it in both System32 and in SysWOW64, slightly different lengths.
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Re: driver not working

Post by nehhal3 »

Do not put quotes in Environment.CurrentDirectory , this is the Environment variable, there is no need for " " (quotes) around that!

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