Registry optimizing by DLL-Files Fixer

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Registry optimizing by DLL-Files Fixer

Post by albertb92 »

Hello dear support team!

The last time I was in the settings menu of this program, and I checked the registry optimization box everything was OK. There was a question(as far as I remember) that if I want to reboot my system at the very moment or I want to postpone it. Well, I postponed it...
Meanwhile I put my PC through a defragmentation process.
After a while I rebooted my PC, and it satrted to run in rebooting cycles by trying and constantly achieving the same process: the registry optimizing.

I want to know if this process is just normal and I should wait overnight to (maybe, who knows, wonders still may exist) to be solved, or I should set the PC on fire and throw it away(by this I mean to reset the whole Win. and drivers and etc...)?

Thank you for your support!

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Re: Registry optimizing by DLL-Files Fixer

Post by DllAdmin »

Hello albertb92,

Was this issue resolved after letting it run for a while?

If not, Which version of Windows are you using?
Does your computer have an optic drive, and do you have install disk for Windows at hand?


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