LightningSand.CDF (Norton360) problem

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LightningSand.CDF (Norton360) problem

Postby grimnir » 17 Apr 2010, 22:30

My daughter was given a laptop, it used to have Norton 360 on it. The
previous person uninstalled it and added AVG. It now is soooooooo slow.

Norton conflicts with AVG and the uninstall didn't remove all Norton
"Symantec" files. It left "LightningSand.CDF" in a Symantec folder. This
file is also now being read as corrupt by Vista and causing a full disc
scan and error correction 9 times out of 10 when you start the computer,
where it states this file corrupt but locked.

I've rebooted in safe mode and am still unable to delete it. I am
unable to rename the file ".old" which normally allows me to then delete
protected dll files.

I'm at a loss, and as we haven't the original install discs I can't
reformat and reinstall back to factory settings. I haven't a vista disc
for it and would rather fix/delete the problem than have to go out and
buy another windows operating system.

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Please and thank you
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Re: LightningSand.CDF (Norton360) problem

Postby DllAdmin » 08 Jul 2019, 10:08

Hello Barryrek ,

To help you, I would need some more information regarding your error.

Which file is this regarding?
What is the exact and complete error message you get regarding this file?
When do you get this error?
Which program is requesting this file? Look for "program".exe in error message.

What have you tried so far for solving this error?

Best regards
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