Installation Error

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Installation Error

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installation error when trying to install kernelbase.dll


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Re: Installation Error

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This tends to happen when the file is either write protected or in use by another program. The easiest way to fix this is to find the file (in the syswow64 folder on your PC), right click it, go to "properties", select the "security" tab, and "edit permissions". Ensure your user account has complete access to the file and apply. You should then be able to edit the file without problems. On the other hand, because the file is already present on the computer, it unlikely that you are getting an error message because of this.
It is more likely that the program giving you the original DLL error message (not Client, but the .exe that originally gave the DLL error) is expecting to find the file in its own root directory. You can verify this by installing the file directly to that root, usually something like C:\program files\[program name]\ or whichever location it is installed on your PC).

You can do this installation via the Client, find the file, select "advanced view", select which to install and input the path to the program from above. Presto.

I hope it helps!

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