artifact screen tearing problem

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artifact screen tearing problem

Post by jack3xd »

I am playing through the original Star wars the old republic 1, which uses the binkw32.dll video codec, version I am using an nvidia 1080 video card. I have the vsync turned on in both the nvidia control panel as well as the in-game settings.

I never experience any screen tearing during gameplay. I have the gameplay capped at 60 fps. So I suspect that the binkw32.dll video codec is where the problem lies.

It seems my nvidia video card isn't forcing the vsync on the codec, just the gameplay itself. Nothing I do in the nvidia control panel or otherwise has had any effect on the cutscene video, just the gameplay. Any attempts I have made to change/cap the fps, change the vsync etc are only being applied to the gameplay and not the video cutscenes. Even my fps overlay program only shows during gameplay, not the bink video rendered cutscenes.

Does anyone know how to force the bink video codec to play with vysnc on? Or some other solution to fix the screen tearing when the movies play through this binkw32.dll codec?

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